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Wedding Legals & What Happens Next

Both of you must be aged 18 or over.

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form must be completed and in my possession at least one month before the day you would like your ceremony to take place.

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When lodging the NOIM, I will need to sight ORIGINAL evidence of Place and Date of Birth (Birth Certificate or Passport), as well as photo ID for you both.

Photocopies cannot be used for this purpose


If either party have been widowed, I will need to see the original death notice of that party’s spouse.

In the case of divorce, before a marriage can go ahead, the divorce must be absolute and I will need to see the original divorce certificate.
(You can still complete your NOIM before your divorce is finalised).

At the time you lodge your NOIM with me, a $150 deposit will need to be paid to secure your preferred date.
I will also go over the Booking Contract with you, that we will both sign.


It is against Australian law to arrange a marriage without the other parties knowledge and consent, so if you were planning on arranging a ‘surprise wedding’ for your partner, then I am unable to help you with this.

BUT, if the 2 of you were planning on marrying and surprising YOUR GUESTS, then that is different, and you can totally count me in!